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Wilderness Walk for 3-20-2012

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Everyone seems to be in agreement on this. The Dive for Top Five can wait for a day or two. The Wild beating the Canucks is just flat out good for society. Kids are happier, the sun is brighter, and the grass... well, the grass is still brown. It's still March. Give it time, and it will be greener because the Canucks lost.

Revel in it, Wild fans. Your favorite team ruined the night of an entire fan base. That doesn't happen everyday. They get the Hawks next, their "real" rival. Which is all well and good for them. The loss to a run down team they should have steam rolled is going to sting for awhile. Enjoy that feeling.

Go Hawks.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 5th overall

Wild News

Clayton Stoner is Wild's Masterton nominee; Hackett reassigned | - Good for both of them.

Stoner dealing with loss during trying season | - Oof.

Something to cheer about | - Or mourn, depending on which side of the coin you are on.

Wild stuns, shuts out Vancouver | - Huh. ALl of the Wild news is from Russo... shocking.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: Jason Zucker's Weekend At The X - 2 Goals, 1 Injury - He's pretty good. Buy him some bubble wrap.

The Third Intermission: Joe Fallon Named Player of the Week - Turns out, there's goalies all over.

The Third Intermission: Power Rankings: Fallon helps Aeros back to Top 5 - Indeed. That's a good thing.

Off the Trail

Minnesota bests Wisconsin for women’s D-I championship :: College Hockey Game Recaps :: U.S. College Hockey Online - A good read on the U of M Women bringing home a championship. (Thanks for the link on this, Wilderness).

Canes miffed by lack of punishment for Winnipeg player | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper - Welcome to the club. We have coats.