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Report: Wild Close to Signing Defenseman Sean Lorenz

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Look at those fancy gold helmets. Sweet.
Look at those fancy gold helmets. Sweet.

According to Jake Brown, reporter covering Notre Dame Hockey for, the Minnesota Wild may be close to inking 2008 4th round draft pick Sean Lorenz. The defenseman has had a relatively unremarkable college hockey career, but is a solid stay-at-home type that could use some development time. The deal is not, repeat not, complete, but Brown says it could be made official as soon as tomorrow.

Here are the tweets from Brown:

Hockey news: Sounds like the Minnesota Wild will sign now-former #NotreDame D Sean Lorenz and he will play in AHL games this weekend.

Lorenz signing should become official sometime Wednesday. Still in the works. He was a fourth round pick of the Wild in 2008. #NotreDame

Lorenz is on Twitter, as well, for anyone wanting to add to their following of Wild prospects. His stats, and a few random thoughts... after the jump.


Thoughts on Lorenz

The Wild are deep at D, but not as deep as they need to be going forward. When Lorenz's season ended a week or so ago, I asked around with the people "in the know" and was told that his signing was either up in the air, could go either way, or that they had their doubts because of Lorenz's lack luster numbers. I did joke that if Kyle Medvec got a contract, then Lorenz would as well. Guess that logic worked out for me.

If Lorenz is on a path to make the NHL, he may want to choose another number. The first one to wear the number 24 after the passing of Derek Boogaard is going to take some heat for doing so.

The contract would put the Wild close to the 50 contract max, though free agency will take care of quite a few of those. Or, of course, if Lorenz only signs an ATO or AHL level contract, that becomes unimportant.

Tough to criticize the Wild for signing a draft pick, though nothing says he is overly impressive. The scouting reports on him are fairly slim, though, so he could still work his way to the NHL. And rest assured, he will need to work his way to the NHL. There are a ton of guys ahead of him on the depth chart.