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Wilderness Walk for 3-21-2012

There are times when writing about the Wild is a pleasure. You might think those times are when the team is winning. While winning teams are certainly more fun to cover, the real joy comes when the team is A) relevant and B) doing something. Right now, none of the three criteria listed above are happening.

Sure, this isn't a world ending problem. It certainly doesn't stack up to world hunger or ending all wars. However, it makes for some awkward situations when covering the team for two different sites on the SBNation network. Having nothing to say on one site can be managed. Having nothing to say on two sites just makes everyone involved look silly.

Obviously, this is all your fault, Wilderness. It really isn't, but with the belief of perfection many outside this community think I have in myself, I have to find a scapegoat. So you're it.

How can you get back in the good graces of the King? Shout out something you'd like to read about. To quote Frazier Crane... "I'm listening."

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 4th overall. Isles one point ahead in standings, Montreal one point behind.

Playoff position: 13th in West. 14 points out, with 10 games to play.

Wild News

Wild's Setoguchi sifts through the wreckage | - The bizarreness of this story is overwhelming.

Optional Skate; Follow Up On Stoner’s Masterton Nomination | - Good stuff.

Red-hot Erik Christensen feeling more comfortable with the Wild | - And good for him.

Off the Trail

Matt Cooke an unlikely Masterton Trophy nominee - NHL - Sporting News Forgive me for a moment, but what the fuck were they thinking here? The Pittsburgh PHWA has the story of the year in the return of the golden boy from the injury plaguing the league, and they pick Matt Cooke? This only builds on the joke the award was made into last year with Ian Lapierre winning the award. Apparently, the "sportsmanship" portion of the criteria no longer matters.

And seriously... how does a man who maimed a fellow athlete get an award which claims to be the player who exemplifies everything that is good about the game?

I get it. He changed his game. He's been such a good boy this year. BUt somethings are not forgivable, and Matt Cooke has committed almost all of them. If he becomes the winner of the award, the PHWA should be ashamed of itself. Right now, everyone in the Pittsburgh PHWA should turn in their membership cards, because they don't deserve to be called professionals.