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Breaking News: Minnesota Wild Still Exist

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When teams fall as far as the Wild have, and the playoff race gets to the end, it is understandable that the national folks are going to avoid the Wild like the plague. The story just isn't in St. Paul anymore. It's in Boston and Vancouver and Pittsburgh, and... pretty much anywhere but here. It's unfortunate, but it is also true.

Still, Wild fans know the team is still there. Heck, the building is still technically selling 18K+ tickets. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. There is still news around the team, even if it isn't really relevant to much other than that it is news about the team. The news has implications for the summer, and for next season, so it is important to keep tabs on.

With that, let's take a look at some of the news Russo has out of practice today.

Mikko Koivu Returns

The Kaptain returning will give the team a huge emotional boost. Having him back is something that will give the team a charge, as well as the fan base. Fans love the guy, and his game alone is worth the price of admission. Hopefully this is a sign that his shoulder is actually better and will not require surgery.

What impact this has on the playoff race / Dive for Top Five? Well, that depends on whcih side of the fence you are on.

via Russo's Rants

Mike Lundin Shut Down

Lundin had surgery to fix a sports hernia. He is done for the year. A million bucks for 17 games. Yikes. Obviously, Chuck Fletcher could not have known Lundin would be injured all season, and Lundin was a safety net to begin with, so no huge loss, but wow... a million bucks for 17 games. Sign me up.

via Twitter

Justin Falk Skating with the Team

More good news, and hopefully a sign that his injury will not be a long term issue. Falk has been really good this season when he is healthy. Getting him back this season, and allowing him to hopefully have a full off-season to train and condition would only be good news for the Wild.

via Twitter

There you have it, Wilderness. Three bits of info to chew on for the day. What say you?