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Wilderness Walk for 3-23-2012

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Is that a quarter?!?
Is that a quarter?!?

Don't look now, but there is actually something to read about the Wild. That'll happen when you drop a guy from the ceiling to to the ceremonial puck drop, go down two goals, and then come back to win in the shootout. Of course, this may all have been a well designed ruse to lure Wild fans into believing they are actually the reincarnated North Stars.

I kid, I kid.

I have an interview with Brad Maxwell burning a hole in our pocket, and no time to transcribe it, so it's got me a little punchy. Maybe we'll have that ready by Monday. Either way, make sure to get involved in the North Stars Reunion events next weekend. They look like they could be good stuff.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 6th overall - tied with Toronto, one point ahead of the Islanders for fourth, two points from seventh

Wild News

Wild loses Spurgeon, Scandella, but rally to beat Calgary in a shootout | - Shall we debate if Tanguay will be suspended, or shall we just accept that he won't?

Wild pulls together for win | - Indeed.

Equipment chief reaches his own milestone | - Congrats to him. Impressive feat.

Koivu returns tonight; Kassian out with groin injury; DaCosta to work 1,500th game | - Pre game Rants.

Versatile Cullen does it all in Wild SO win - Cullen the defenseman. Let's try him at wing.

The Team of 18,001: Was Monday's Win The Wild's Last This Year? - Apparently not.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: Down the stretch: Thursday 3/22 edition - Fourth overall. Nice.

Off the Trail

Glencross, Brodziak take same path to top - Both of them escaped the Oilers black hole. Congrats!

SWAT Team Member Rappels From Rafters to Drop Puck Before Minnesota Wild Game (Photo) - NESN Nation - - This is pretty cool.