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Alex Tanguay Elbows Jared Spurgeon: You Know the Routine

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Last night, in the first period, the Flames' Alex Tanguay decided that Jared Spurgeon's face was just to much to bear. Clearly, Spurgeon was insulting Tanguay with the boyish charm that Tanguay lost so long ago. Or perhaps Tanguay was just trying to "send a message," or was "playing with passion." We'll likely never know what causes a man to drive to an opponent hard, realize the puck is not there, and rather than pull up, throw an elbow in the opposing player's face.

Maybe it's just a dirty play.

Here is the video:

Now, we all know the routine by now. Duncan Keith elbows Daniel Sedin, the NHL cries foul and everyone debates how long the suspension should be. We follow along as Bob McKenzie details out play by play of if the hearing will be a phone call or in person, knowing that in person means more than a slap on the wrist.

However, when Alex Tanguay elbows Jared Spurgeon, we post the video, we have a little discussion, and no one is worse for the wear. Except maybe Jared Spurgeon, who Mike Yeo said had a "possible concussion" and did not return to the game. UPDATE: 1:09 PM - Russo confirms it is a concussion.

We have a rule violation that resulted in an injury. But hey, it's just the Minnesota Wild, and it's not like anyone was actually watching, right?

You can all get offended if you would like, rant and rave about the lack of discipline, lack of consistency and what have you. Me? I'm just going to accept the fact that Brendan Shanahan is a flat out liar when he says he cares about the Minnesota Wild, and shake my head at the fact that the league has castrated the Department of Player Safety Jokes and thinks no one has noticed.

Bring back Colin Campbell. At least he was fun to make fun of.