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Wilderness Walk for 3-25-2012: Game Day Edition

Nick Johnson does a mean Cornholio impersonation.
Nick Johnson does a mean Cornholio impersonation.

The tragic number is upon you, Wild fans. If the Wild lose another game all season, or if the Kings or Sharks gain two points all season, the Wild are officially done. With just eight games remaining (16 points), one loss leaves them with the ability to gain only fourteen points, which would not be enough to win the tie breaker with either team. So, if you were still holding out hope, you may want to tap the brakes a bit, because that brick wall is aprroching pretty fast.

In even better news (not really), Matt Cullen is hurt, and (likely) done for the season, Joe Fallon is hurt for the Aeros, and the Wild can't sent Hackett back to help out because Niklas Backstrom is hurt again. Whoever wronged the hockey gods, please step forward and identify yourself. Get them to smite you already and leave the organization alone for a bit.

But hey... at least you have some Sunday readings available. Yippie.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 5th, one point away from third.

Playoff position: 13th. Fourteen points out of 8th, with 8 games left to play. Two points from elimination.

Wild News

Wild can play spoiler role on 2-game set vs. Sabres, Capitals | - Well, that didn't work out so well.

Matt Cullen's season may have ended in Wild's loss at Buffalo | - We all know injuries don't matter.

Kurtis Foster planning to use final games to prove himself | - Hopefully someone sees the value in having this guy on a roster.

'Desperate' Sabres prevail over Wild | - Oh. Hey look. They played a game. Who knew?

Michael Russo's Sunday Insider: It's globetrotting time for Wild staff | - Now we're getting somewhere.

Enemy News

Japers' Rink - One of the biggest hockey sites on SBNation, and a great site all around. It's like being in the company of royalty.

Tending the Fields

Station Nation: RECAP: Charlie's World. Dogs Win 8-1. - So. The Dogs are pretty good.

The Third Intermission: Aeros Lose To Rockford: A Comedy Tonight - Laugh to keep from crying.

The Third Intermission: Fallon Out Indefinitely ... Aeros sign Mike Brodeur and some college kid. - Hey, remember that goalie the Aeros inked that was playing so well? Yeah, someone told him he was part of the Wild organization.