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Minnesota Wild @ Washington Capitals: Game Recap

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Not sure there is a goalie out there who makes this save.
Not sure there is a goalie out there who makes this save.

Minnesota Wild 0 - 3 Washington Capitals

For Washington perspective, please visit Japers' Rink.

Usually this space is reserved for breaking down the game in a manner that would explain the events for someone who did not watch the game. Here's the deal:

- First period was lame.

- Second period Washington took over.

- Third period, the Wild tried really hard, but Washington scored again.

Let's talk truth here a bit. The Wild were eliminated from the playoffs with the loss. Four straight seasons without post season play. That's not going to sit well with many of the casual sports fans in Minnesota. If I had to venture a guess, any tickets not already sold for the remaining home games aren't going to be. This summer is going to be an interesting time for Chuck Fletcher.

The team needs a draw, and I'm not convinced Mikael Granlund is enough of a draw to get people in the door. Hockey fans? Yes. Casual fans? Not unless he is the next Sidney Crosby.

Matt Hackett takes the loss today, is mentioned as having "struggled" by the NBC crew, and has to watch as his team scores exactly as many goals as he scored. Hackett played well. He made some huge saves, and was only beat by plays that he had zero chance at. More backdoor plays, and there aren't many guys in the league that can stop Alex Ovechkin.

The defense was disgusting. Clayton Stoner was burned on a 2-on-1 for the third or fourth time this season. Play the pass, Clayton, not the shooter. Marco Scandella played the pass, but did so poorly. Tom Gilbert was... well, he was Tom Gilbert. On the play that Scandella got burned on, Steven Kampfer was no where to be found after coughing up the puck to start the whole thing.

For a few minutes tonight, I felt the Wild had a chance in this one. I was grossly incorrect. Just not a good game in most regards. The top line was good, but Braden Holtby was better. Thus, a 3-0 loss, an elimination from the post-season, and another step in the Dive for Top Five. The Oilers, and the number two overall pick, are just one point away.

Chew on that for a bit.

Oh, and on a side note... Mr. MIlbury... take your "Bend over defense" and your "I have another name for it that I won't say on TV," and shove them up your ass.


The Bennett's Chop & Railhouse Stars of the Game:

  1. Braden Holtby (28 saves, SO)
  2. Alex Ovechkin (1G, 1A, 5 SOG)
  3. Alexander Semin (1A, 4 SOG)

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Five Questions

  1. Rau is back. Can he make himself noticed? Not sure his name was even mentioned.
  2. Paging Mr. Koivu. Mr. Koivu, you are wantd on the scoresheet. Is tonight the night? Nope.
  3. Is the loss of Cullen felt? Not sure Cullen would have made a difference.
  4. Who is this Ovechkin guy? Yeah, he's good.
  5. Hows does Hackett look against some solid threats? He looked good, but he was left out to dry.