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Wilderness Walk for 3-27-2012: Game Day Edition

Is it only me that hears the Three Stooges when I look at this picture?
Is it only me that hears the Three Stooges when I look at this picture?

At this point in the season, the playoffs gone, another post season spent running brackets and watching other teams make their run for the Cup (anyone but the Nucks!), it is easy to tune out. The casual fans won't be stopping by much anymore. They are off to argue the finer points of playing left field and debate the value of the designated hitter.

For hockey fans, it is a time of introspection. Looking back at the season, forward to the off season, trying to find some shred of dignity to make it through to October. The playoffs, the draft lottery, the draft, free agency, development camp, and training camp stand between us and a new hockey season. The question is... what will you be doing for the next six months?

Oof. Six months. The reality of that hurts just a bit.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 4th overall. One point from second overall, two points from sixth.

Islanders (5th overall) face the Penguins, Canadiens (2nd overall) face the Panthers.

Wild News

Wild's Christensen is his own toughest critic | - I think EC hasn't been keeping up on what the fans are saying about him.

Loss To Washington Sums Up Minnesota's Season - Yes it does. Except that no one got hurt.

Tending the Fields

Regan's Rant: Things that make me go hmm... - Brett Bulmer suspended for kneeing opponents. Length of suspension not announced yet.

Enemy News

Blueshirt Banter - Your SBNation home for the Rangers. Good folks.