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Minnesota Wild Sign Jason Zucker

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Welcome aboard, Mr. Zucker.
Welcome aboard, Mr. Zucker.

If you were looking for the Wild to sign Jason Zucker, Chuck Schwartz (of SBN's own Bucky's Fifth Quarter) says Zucker is in the fold. From Schwartz's Twitter:


Details are still not out, but it is an entry level contract, not an ATO with the Aeros as had been speculated he would sign. No doubt those details will come out sooner than later, so stay tuned. For now, Zucker is signed, and will forgo his final two seasons at Denver University to turn pro. If I recall correctly, Zucker is actually injured, though the prognosis on that was unclear, but it would put him under the supervision of an NHL franchise and their doctors, rather than some guy somewhere in the world operating on a college kid with his parent's health insurance.

What say you, Wilderness? Is this the right move for Zucker and the Wild?

Note: Confirmed via Russo and the Wild's Twitter accounts. Watch the comment section for updates.