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Minnesota Wild vs New York Rangers: Game Recap

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Heeeee's baaaaack.
Heeeee's baaaaack.

Minnesota Wild 2 - 3 New York Rangers

For New York perspective, please read Blueshirt Banter.

I really felt this one was going to be out of hand before the 10 minute mark of the first period. With a high powered Rangers team coming in with playoff implications, it certainly looked to be a game the Wild had no chance in. Everyone figured Marian Gaborik would have 19 goals, Henrik Lundqvist would make six saves en route to his shutout, and just for good measure, maybe Brad Richards would bounce a slap shot off of Mikko Koivu's wrist.

That's not what we got.

Instead, every time the Rangers scored, the Wild answered. Two power play goals? What the heck is that about? A good, solid hockey game, and a loss for the Wild. Anytime the team can take a potential President's Trophy winner to the buzzer it's a good night.

Losses suck, but entertaining losses have a silver lining. Losing to the Rangers is nothing to be ashamed of, and keeping up with them is something the boys should be proud of. Heck, just watching Koivu score a goal made my night, personally. Guy's had a rough season. I would bet he wants that goal to come in a win, but it was nice to see, either way.

Remember kids, we had to watch the team lose, but we learned valuable lessons today. HW is a simple rehash of everything Russo writes, we are garbage, miss the mark, clueless, and a punchline. But, then, if we call you out for throwing stones from the shadows, we are perfectly acceptable to read. Also, being an internet tough guy is cool, right up until the people you are being tough about find out. Then, it isn't cool anymore, and just a waste of time.


We learned that the HW commentariat is nothing but women, and that the Wild would be better with a North American captain. I wonder what Rafael Marquez is up to these days. We also learned that sports bloggers answer to no one, only want to be friends with players, are afraid of players, and we all want to be the GM.

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. Guess if we are pissing people off, we must be doing something right.


The Bennett's Chop & Railhouse Stars of the Game:

  1. Brian Boyle (1 G, 6 SOG)
  2. Mikko Koivu (1G)
  3. Marco Scandella (Nothing really, but did have some big hits on Gaborik)

Remember, when you begin and end your night at Bennett's, you're the star! Easy parking, drink and food specials and a free shuttle to and from the Xcel Energy Center. Check them out at

Five Questions:

  1. Can the Wild find a way to shut down Gaborik? Not sure. Let's check with Russo.
  2. How does Harding look with Backstrom ready to take the reigns back? Clearly the European is useless.
  3. Is tonight the night Koivu gets on the score sheet? No idea, I'm clueless.
  4. King Henrik is in the house. How does he look? Let's check the garbage.
  5. Will the news of Zucker signing have any motivation for the team? No idea. Too busy looking for a place to hide and attack people from.