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Wilderness Walk for 3-28-2012

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Dany Heatley, noted European, wishes that HW wouldn't be so clueless. As do all of us.
Dany Heatley, noted European, wishes that HW wouldn't be so clueless. As do all of us.

About 20 months ago, I made a decision in my life. One of few I ever felt truly confident in. After finding I wanted nothing to do with my chosen major in my undergrad studies, I decided to forgo the logical conclusion from that degree and pursue a graduate degree in Strategic Communications. Turns out, I rather enjoy those studies.

Yesterday, however, I learned so much from Twitter, I feel the school owes me a refund. A "contributor" to another Wild site (with 27 followers on Twitter) taught me so much about the internet, social media, and the way the internet and business world work, that I really feel I got jobbed with my fancy education. I also feel as though my mentors... the people I know working in my chosen field, and making a very comfortable living doing so, let me down. What do they possibly know that some random guy on Twitter couldn't teach me?

I am so glad for the Twitters. Without you, dear Twitters, I never would have learned the lessons I learned last night. I just hope the Wilderness can forgive what a terrible host we have been here this entire season. I am thankful you all came by (in record numbers) to be sure that we continued to provide such clueless insights on the Wild and other topics.

I sure hope the fact that a handful of other sites on our network not liking us isn't enough to drive you all away. I mean, going from record traffic to a ghost town would be almost as embarrassing as being the first team in NHL history to miss the playoff after being in first place in December.

Oh. Wait.

The point of this story is not to simply release the sarcasm and bitterness, but to let you know... each and everyone of you... that we are hear to listen. Should you feel the site could be improved in anyway, please feel free to speak up. We may not agree, but we will hear you out. If you run to the shadows and belittle the site to everyone who will listen, it does no one any good. We have an open forum. Speak your mind. Ideas for posts, distaste for other posts, want more info on something? Ask. We aren't mind readers. We are, however, here to serve, so long as you can be respectful about it.

On to the Walk.

Current Positioning

Draft position: 4th overall, tied with Habs. One points from 2nd overall.

Wild News

Tom Powers: Gaborik Injury Changed the Minnesota Wild - A couple things. Why is this still a story? He's been back before. Next, apparently boring hockey? Now cool for TP from the PP. Finally, the loss of Gaborik definitely changed the Wild, but it wasn't HWSRN's fault completely. Three sides in this one. All equally to blame. Two of them got fired, and one left with less money than he could have. It's a losing situation all around. Nothing to gloat about.

Gaborik enjoys success vs. Wild | - He did, indeed.

Wild gives up a "freebie" winner; Zucker set to make NHL debut | - Once again, I disagree with the coach. It wasn't a freebie, so much as a complete defensive breakdown. One of many.

Hitting The Post: Wild Fan Zen, Jesuit Style - Good read over at HTP, who according to some, is now our mortal enemy after yesterday. Neither side feels that way, but hey... whatever the readers think.

Wild signs Zucker | - The good news of the day.

Zucker leaves Denver, signs three-year deal with Wild | - Yep. He did.

Cullen Out For Season; Gameday Notes | - Of course, we knew that.

Wild's Matt Cullen out with season-ending surgery; Horde of Rangers with Minnesota ties | - Mmm, hmmm.

Tending the Fields

Station Nation: RECAP: Pushed To The Brink. Dogs Win 8-2 - Charlie Coyle. He seems to be OK.

Station Nation: Coyle Named CHL Player Of The Week - Again...

Off the Trail

Ms. Conduct: Calamity in the crease and other catch-up crap - Catching up with Ms. C. Who, along with Dan, are the only two decent members of the HW staff.

First Round Bust: Blogging & Accountability In Sports Journalism - Fantastic read, and I'm glad it was Nate's turn to write it. I already wrote very similar posts for the past six years. Good to see things are changing. Sigh.