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Wilderness Walk for 3-30-2012: The Maple Syrup Edition

Welcome to the future.  Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE
Welcome to the future. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

Bryan's gone for the weekend, so I'm taking ov.. I mean, filling in for him in today's Walk at the very least. I've done it a few times on his behalf last year as well. I'm probably not as good a ''Walker'' as he is, but I should still be able to get you through your ''morning workout''.

I don't know about you guys, especially the supporters of the dive, but I enjoyed seeing the Wild steal 2 points away from Florida last night. Koivu's goal was pure magic, Erik Christensen continued his bid for a new contract, Jason Zucker made the first step toward a bright future for the Wild, we found Tom Gilbert's new nickname (''Not Nick Schultz'' ... I still like ''Gilderp''), the win came on a night in which former North Stars were honored, it was just great. I believe the Wild could pick as good a player with the 2nd pick as they could with the 5th or the 8th, etc. Hence, I still don't want to see the Wild lose, but I fully understand why many fans do. All I know is that I'm glad they're not getting blown out in the games they do lose. I want to be able to look forward to next season. Mikael Granlund won't magically fix everything. The team needs to finish well and build themselves up for next season from there.

This weekend, the Wild have 2 of their final 5 games remaining on the menu. 5 games left. That's rather depressing.

Have a nice day, Wilderness

EDIT: Added three stories in the ''Tending the fields'' section...turns out I did the Walk way too early.

Current Positioning

Draft Position: 4th overall, 2 points ahead of Montreal (3rd overall), 3 points ahead of Edmonton (2nd overall) Wild are idle, Toronto (5th overall) and New York Islanders (6th overall) are idle, Montreal and Edmonton are playing.

Wild News

Boring game turns into Wild stunner | - Russo's recap. I still think of Stone Cold Steve Austin when I see the word ''stunner''

Clutterbuck looks to do more net crashing | - He's been very quiet on the scoreboard lately. Maybe a change in style would do wonders, but then again, he has a wicked, but sorely underused shot.

Minnesota Wild MVP could be Kyle Brodziak | - I agree. What's strange about this article though is that about 20% of it is actually devoted to Kyle Brodziak, the rest is about Marco Scandella and Marian Gaborik. OK.

Tending the Fields

Let's talk draft, Wild-Style | Hitting The Post - Hitting The Post is taking a quick look at their projected 10 top for the draft. We'll talk plenty about the draft here at Hockey Wilderness once the season ends, but for now, let this post appease your hunger.

Rockets Season Over | Regan's Rants - Brett Bulmer's Kelowna Rockets are eliminated. Bulmer will likely report to Houston now.

Aeros lose fifth in a row | The 3rd Intermission - Hoo boy, this looks bad for the playoff push. I'd say injuries have a lot to do with this, but injuries don't matter

Thoughts (and a drawing) from a weird night at the Toy Box | The 3rd Intermission - In which Matt Hackett channeled his inner Ron Hextall and wanted to fight but Cedrick Desjardins refused. Probably for the best, we don't need any more freak injuries.

Off the Trail

North Stars Night a great touch for honoring the past | - As Minnesotans put it so well: Norm Green sucks. Great read.