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Hot Dogs: Charlie Coyle and Zack Phillips' Early Playoff Numbers.

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What? You don't think Coyle and I can make the history books? (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
What? You don't think Coyle and I can make the history books? (Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images)
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The Saint John Sea Dogs, featuring Wild prospects Charlie Coyle and Zack Phillips, have absolutely obliterated the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in their first round matchup, outscoring them 34-8 in 4 games. Charlie Coyle and Zack Phillips have posted ridiculous numbers in the first round (9G, 4A and 2G, 10A respectively) which would put them on record paces, provided they keep it up. Charlie Coyle had two consecutive 5 point performance, which included a hat trick in each game. Phillips has two consecutive 4 point performances playing alongside Coyle (future one-two punch for Minnesota?)

Granted, it's practically impossible that they keep scoring at such an insane clip, considering the matchup was between the 1st and 16th ranked teams in the league, but it would still be nice to compare their numbers with some of the most legendary playoff performances in the league, no?

I'll be looking at the top playoff performances in past seasons, comparing goals per game, assists per game and points per game. Mind you, none of this means that Coyle and Phillips will be the next Mario Lemieux, it's just a look in perspective.

Make the jump.

Here are the top five QMJHL playoff performances, point-wise:

1. Simon Gamache: 21GP, 57 points , 2.71 points per game

2. Alexander Radulov: 22GP, 55 points, 2.5 points per game

3. Mario Lemieux: 14 GP, 52 points, 3.74 points per game (!)

4. Yannick Riendeau: 19 GP, 52 points, 2.73 points per game

5. Claude Giroux: 19 GP, 51 points. 2.68 points per game.

Charlie Coyle has 4GP, 13 points, 3.25 points per game

Zack Phillips has 4GP, 12 points, 3 points per game

Here are the top 5 playoff performances, goal-wise.:

1. Jean-Pierre Dumont: 19 GP, 31G, 1.63 goals per game

2. Mario Lemieux: 14GP, 29G, 2.07 goals per game

3. Yannick Riendeau: 19GP, 29G , 1.52 goals per game

4. Réal Cloutier: 26G (Number of games unavailable)

5. Sean McKenna: 26G (Number of games unavailable)

Charlie Coyle has 4GP, 9G, 2.25G per game.

Here are the top 5 playoff performances, assist-wise:

1. Marc Fortier: 19GP, 40 assists, 2.11 assists per game

2. Simon Gamache: 21GP, 35 assists, 1.67 assists per game

3. Claude Verret: 23GP, 35 assists 1.52 assists per game

4. Claude Giroux: 19GP, 34 assists, 1.79 assists per game

5. Alexander Radulov: 22GP, 34 assists, 1.55 assists per game

Zack Phillips has 4GP, 10 assists, 2.5 assists per game.

Now, there are many important factors to consider when looking at these numbers:

1. The QMJHL is a very offense-heavy (or defense-light, depending on which way you look at it) league. It's not uncommon to see double-digit goals being scored by a team.

2. These records have come from different times in history. The game has changed a lot since then.

3. The Sea Dogs have only played 4 games, so a lot of things can change and the sample size is way too small.

4. The Sea Dogs are absolutely stacked. They're 24-2-1 since acquiring Coyle. It's entirely possible that they don't need to play many playoff games to get to the top, unless there's an upset or an important injury.

5. The Sea Dogs will play against much better teams from here on out.

6. How crazy was Mario Lemieux?

So, while they may not break records, they could still put their names in the history books next to names like Mario Lemieux, Guy Lafleur, Claude Giroux and more if they keep playing dominant hockey. One thing's for sure: Their progress together is pretty fun to watch and gives the fanbase some hope.

Their second round matchup will start on April 6th against the Baie-Comeau Drakkar. Make sure to check out Station Nation's Jamie Tozer on his site and on Twitter for all the details.