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Wilderness Walk for 3-5-2012

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Wild should start cutting guys like this a deal. 

Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE
Wild should start cutting guys like this a deal. Mandatory Credit: Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE

Programming note: It's Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament time. Stay tuned here for coverage leading up to the tourney, and throughout. For the first time in HW history, we will be at the tournament, bringing you live coverage and opinion. We will also have our normal open threads for each day. Hope to see you here.

As for the Wild, as we have noted, as Russo has noted, as everyone who writes about this team has noted... there's just nothing left to say. It's bad. It's getting worse. In a couple hours, we'll look a bit at the past, and compare it to this season. Let's just say, it's not a pleasant topic.

The desperation is clear in Mike Yeo's voice, and the team just doesn't seem to care. If you watched the presser with Yeo last night, he looked defeated, which is a horrible thing to see. The guy commands a presence, and the players who report to him almost seem to have sucked that force right out of him. How do you fix it? Who knows. Do you even bother trying?

Short Walk. Plenty of time to ponder life, death, and the number 42.

Wild News

Punchless Wild blanked yet again, this time by Colorado | - Good read. Realistic.

Kampfer debuts early to shore up D | - Tough situation for the kid to come into.

Wild just can't find the net against Avalanche, shut out at home again | - Shutout in three of the last four? How in the hell is there anything left for pride in the room? That's just... bad.

First Round Bust: The Magnificant Seven are Great but... - Are the kids coming up going to solve the problem?

The Team of 18,001: The Team of 18,001's Top 10 Wild Prospects: 7-4 - Yesterday, Johan Larsson was put at 8. Today, Mario Lucia is placed above him. That's... not good.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: DiSalvatore becomes Aeros' all-time AHL leading scorer - Congrats, sir.

Off the Trail

Damn right. Please check out the site, You Can Play for more details.