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Weekly Wild Update: Week of 3-5-2012

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Matt Hackett longingly looks at the plane ticket back to Houston.
Matt Hackett longingly looks at the plane ticket back to Houston.

Blah blah blah... insert witty remark about Wild not being very good here.

At the beginning of the season, we set out to start some regular features, to give you all something you could count on for each day of the week. Who knew that by the end of the year, this one would wind up being the most bothersome to write? A simple look at the week behind, and the week ahead. Nothing too much.

Yet, this one has moved right to the top of the "Things I Don't Want to Do" list. But... here it is. Just for you. Because you deserve it. Enjoy.

Last Week

Anyone want to relive last week? Shutout three times, barely earning a point against the worst team in the East? Earning one point of a possible eight? Discussion of firings and being the worst team in the history of the franchise? Mikko Koivu lost for two more weeks? Niklas Backstrom out for 2-4 weeks?

Yeah. Me either. Let's just move on.

The Week Ahead

The Wild out on the road for a couple games to accommodate the Boys' High School Hockey Tournament at the X. First, the head to Colorado for a rematch with the Avs tomorrow night. That one should be another thrilling display of how hockey should be played. It will, however, give them a good chance to move into top five draft position.

From Denver, the Wild head to Phoenix to play a red hot Coyotes team leading the Pacific Division. Another team the Wild, at one point, could have beaten. Right now, it looks to be an ugly one. The Yotes are in the playoff race, have something to play for, and aren't going to feel sorry for anyone.

The week finishes back at home against the Flames on Sunday. By then, it should be pretty clear which of the two teams has the most riding on the game. The Flames are currently three points out of the eight spot, so this could wind up being a huge game for them, depending on how the rest of the week goes.

A possible six points this week, Wilderness. How many do you think they win, and how many do you want them to win?