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Players Dressed Like the Minnesota Wild @ Colorado Avalanche: Game Recap

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Yep. Pretty much, coach. Pre. tee. Much.
Yep. Pretty much, coach. Pre. tee. Much.

Players Dressed Like the Minnesota Wild 1 - 7 Colorado Avalanche

For Colorado perspective, and what is sure to be some wonderful banter about what a jerk I am, head over to Mile High Hockey.

Lessons can be learned from watching a team lose 7-1. Lessons such as how awesome Taylor Hall is, how big a moose is, what moose taste like, how to shoot a moose, the color of squirrels in the woods, and if you stick around long enough, the insatiable hunger for pie.

Of course, you could also pick up on the fact that if you sign up for an account here at SBNation, and go to any one of the sites on the network, you can demand that the people who run the site debate any topic they want with you. Especially if they have either one, never been to the site before, or two, have consistently treated the people on that site so poorly that you would get banned at your current favorite site.

Who knew?

Hey, at least the comment section was entertaining. The game... not so much. According to Russo, the Wild have been outscored 19-5 (he said 18-5, but that was before the last goal) since trading Nick Schultz and Greg Zanon. But as one of the comments said tonight, the Wild are moving the puck so much better now. (There may be some sarcasm there.)

The discussion around the Wild has been if someone should be fired. If I were Mike Yeo, I might consider just quitting. The players can't be fired, and for the same reason can't escape this train wreck. Mike Yeo can. Unless he is 100% confident Chuck Fletcher is going to let him coach the prospects, I would bail. Find a nice job as an assistant on a winning club and ride into the sunset.

My bet is, he won't do that. Good thing he isn't me.

If you want game information, we have that, too. Only three players managed to escape with a even rating: Devin Setoguchi, Nick Palmieri and Stephane Veilleux. Impressive for Veilleux to pull off that feat. Steven Kempfer was a -4. Marco Scandella, Kyle Brodziak, and Nick Johnson all were -3. Brodziak accomplished that in just 14:22 TOI. Kurtis Foster was a -1, something he had accomplished in just over a minute of TOI until he played a good deal at the end of the game.

Matt Hackett gave up four goals. Josh Harding gave up three, including one of the softest of his career. Tom Gilbert was only a -1, somehow. Gilbert did have the most TOI at 27:28, something that may suggest why the game ended the way it did. Or it may not. In a 7-1 game, it is safe to say no one played well. Setoguchi did score on a penalty shot to end the scoreless streak. Other than that, he was pretty invisible.

This is a beaten team. I joked that Russo should wear a helmet into the room, but no one on the team has shown anything to suggest he might need it.

The game was terrible, folks. The thread tonight? Classic humor that will live on forever in Hockey Wilderness lore. If nothing else, thank you for that.


The Bennett's Chop & Railhouse Stars of the Game:

  1. Jamie McGinn (1G, 1A)
  2. Steve Downie (3A)
  3. Cody McLeod (1G, 1A, 9:55TOI)

Five Questions:

  1. Is there reason to believe these guys even want to play spoiler at this point? No. None. These guys are cooked. Like a pie.
  2. Can the Wild lose the way they should, or win just to spite themselves? Oh, they lost all right. Well done on that front.
  3. The Aeros are using ECHL goalies with Darcy Kuemper hurt. Should Hackett not be where he can be most useful? Seriously they should let Hackett go back to his team. Sign someone else. Claim Turco. Anything.
  4. Can Tom Gilbert do something... useful? Still haven't seen anything to suggest he can, no.
  5. Is it wrong we can't even come up with five questions? If I had known all I needed to do was ask about moose, pie, and Taylor Hall, we would have done so.