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Wilderness Walk for 3-7-2012: State Tourney Time

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One of six Avalanche fans left who don't hate me. By the way... awesome sign, kid.
One of six Avalanche fans left who don't hate me. By the way... awesome sign, kid.

There is absolutely nothing to say about last night that hasn't already been said. Bad night, great game thread... let's move on.

Today starts the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament. The biggest event in Minnesota hockey. For the first time, Hockey Wilderness will be present and accounted for at "The Tourney." Jesse will be at as many games as he can muster, and I will be doing my darndest to get down there to keep him company. Stay tuned right here for Game Threads for each session.

There may be places you have gone in the past while you enjoy the Tourney coverage. We hope you'll consider coming here for the games today through Saturday. It should be a good time. And hey... a Minnesota team has to win. Hopefully it is the same as all other State Tourneys and there are some memorable moments.

Stick around. Good stuff upcoming later today.

Wild News

Wild hits rock bottom in Mile High City | -Rock bottom? Someone has to have a shovel around...

Wild's losses keep getting uglier | - Someone buy some Halloween make up. We can do better than this.

Wild prospect Zucker enjoys hockey field trip | - "OK, Jason... here's what we want. Watch this game, and just do exactly the opposite of what they do."

Clutterbuck to miss tonight's game | - I wouldn't say he is missing it, Bob.

Colorado embarrasses Wild in 7-1 victory | March - Embarrasses. Good word.

Minnesota Should Re-Sign Josh Harding - After the last few games? Not so sure that's a good idea.

Tending the Fields

The Third Intermission: As the kids say ... OMFG - Agreed. Simply... agreed.

The Third Intermission: Weekly Power Rankings: Marlies no smoke and mirrors - Update on the AHL.

First Round Bust: Prospect Update: Mario Lucia Wins 41st Consecutive Game, Mikael Granlund Still Out - 41 straight wins. I wonder if he knows he is heading to the Wild...