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Wilderness Walk for 3-8-2012: Game Day Edition

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The Wild need pride? It's right th... never mind.
The Wild need pride? It's right th... never mind.

Big day for Minnesota hockey fans today. You'll have all day coverage of the Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament again, along with game threads host by Jesse. You'll have your Wild game thread at the appropriate time. You'll have game recaps coming out of your ears by the end of the day.

No matter which games you decide to watch, we've got you covered, so stick around. And please, for those of you stopping by to check out the Tourney coverage, please comment. Let us hear from you. You're coming in in numbers, and we'd love to hear from you while you are here. And if the spirit moves you, join us for the Wild game tonight. You never know what kind of conversation we might get into.

After the jump, links to get your day started. We'll talk to you from the X in a couple hours.

Wild News

Clutterbuck still ailing after two recent hits | - Uncool.

Wild Insider: After early hope, Wild appears lost in desert | - For those wondering about Yeo and Fletcher, here's your answer.

It’s Tournament Time…But Not In Arizona | - The Wild are... not here.

Tending the Fields

First Round Bust: Prospect Viewing: Erik Haula vs. Wisconsin 3/2-3/3 - Good read.

What’s Wrong With Movies: Goon " Blades of Glory - Tyler Peters was at Wild development camp last summer. Turns out, he also has a blog.

Off the Trail

Weekly Playoff Probabilities: Fairy Tales, Fenwick, and the Accuracy Paradox - Fear The Fin - I missed this when they posted it, but this is what I wish conversations about stats could look like here. Rather than lectures, the people on this thread are having rational conversation. Man... if only. They disagree with my take, and yet somehow find a way to do so respectfully. Interesting.

The necessary next step for You Can Play: A gay NHL player in 'about two years' - NHL - Sporting News - The next step for the You Can Play project. It will happen, folks. Count on it.

Sarah Spain: A wonderful goal: welcoming gay players - espnW - Amazing read.

Patient Ryan Benesch develops into a scoring force for Minnesota Swarm | IL Indoor - Come on. Give it a read. Get on board.