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Minnesota Boys' High School Hockey Tournament: Class AA Semifinals - Session 6 Gamethread

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Game 11

Hill-Murray Pioneers vs. Moorhead Spuds

Start Time - 6:00 PM

The Pioneers are going to have to create traffic and block the view of Michael Bitzer. He showed that he can stop just about any shot that he can see, and he was unflappable in the Spuds victory over Eagan. The Pioneers will have get bodies to the front of the net to block out his view, as well as crash the net hard looking for rebounds. If the Pioneers aren't willing to play a dirty game in front of the Moorhead net, then the Spuds could be moving on to Championship Saturday.

For Moorhead, they need to get Bitzer some help. Eagan heavily outshot the Spuds, and stat-heads will tell you that it is a recipie for disaster. While regression to the mean isn't something that high school teams will concern themselves with at this point, it is important for the Spuds to get Bitzer help early. A talented Maple Grove team couldn't seem to crack Jon Dugas. The Spuds will have to step up their offensive game if they're going to beat a goalie who has played well and can carry a talented Hill-Murray team.

Game 12

Benilde-St. Margaret's Red Knights vs. Lakeville South Cougars

Start Time - 8:00 PM

The Red Knights have to remain composed. They've had a tough season to get through, and they have a great story of inspiration to fuel them, but they have to remain in the game. Edina had a lot of time in control, but Quale bailed them out. Lakeville South may not have the daunting name that the Hornets do, but they definitley proved that if they're left hanging around, they will make teams pay.

Lakeville just needs to keep buying into what they're doing. Nobody gave them a shot against the top-ranked Duluth East, but the Cougars didn't listen. They just went about their business. Who would have thought that hard work (Sorry, Tom) could actually get the job done? It has thus far. The Cougars can't get complacent. They're not going to sneak up on anyone this time. If the team is willing to continute to pay a price to be successful, then it's within their grasp.

TV coverage is on Channel 45 locally.
Live streaming online HERE.
Radio coverage is on 107.5