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Wilderness Walk for 4-10-2012

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Dance Dance Revolution? Dance Dance Revolution.
Dance Dance Revolution? Dance Dance Revolution.

Hey everyone! It's draft lottery day!

Shut up, you know you're excited. Yeah, OK, probably not. It may be the only NHL event more boring and poorly produced than the All-Star Game. Of course, that is meant to be an insult to the ASG, but may be more of an insult to the lottery "show."

Not quite sure what else to talk about today. Playoffs start tomorrow. We'll be posting daily game threads for whoever may want to stop by and talk about the games. Be sure to be around later today as we give our final grade on the Wild as a team. Tomorrow, we start up the grades by player. Should be goo, clean American fun. Unless, of course, you don't like American fun. We use less syrup, but we do have moose.

Enjoy your day, all.

Wild News

Wild season-ending Live Chat with Michael Russo at 2 p.m. Tuesday | - There you have it. Talk with Russo.

Wild seeks answers to injury issues | - Man, an answer to this question would be spectacular.

Wild stumble to finish line after fast start - Season in Review - Whoa! Hey now! remembered the Wild exist! Absolutely amazing.

NHL Worst Awards 2011-12: Puck Daddy dishonors hockey’s blunders and busts | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
- Devin Setoguchi gets the nod. Congrats.

Tending the Fields

Station Nation: Monday Stuff - Keeping an eye on Coyle and Phillips.

The Third Intermission: Power Rankings: Admirals are hot, hot, hot - Yeah. Like red hot.

The Third Intermission: Some More Thoughts On Last Night - I do enjoy more thoughts.