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Wilderness Walk for 4-11-2012

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Woo! Playoffs... sigh.
Woo! Playoffs... sigh.

Let the full on depression kick in. The playoffs start today, and Wild fans are once again on the outside looking in. Sure, they will be exciting. After all, it is the Stanley Cup playoffs. Awarding the greatest trophy in all of sports is no laughing matter, even if the Senators are involved.

That just wasn't nice.

We here at Hockey Wilderness encourage you to watch the playoffs. Choose a team and follow them through the playoffs. Get involved. Get excited. If nothing else, watch it just to be fully aware of just how far the Wild are from being a true contender.

A programming note - today begins our off season grading of players and brass. We have elected to look at every single player who suited up for the Wild this season, so we have our work cut out for us. Hopefully, the grading will get us through for awhile. Not like there is much else to discuss.

Also, we will have nightly playoff open threads. So, if you are watching the games, stop by and converse with your fellow Wilderness readers. Enjoy.

Wild News

First year was a learning experience for Yeo - Hopefully lesson learned.

Who will the Wild target with seventh pick in NHL draft? | Hockey Stop | a blog - Gotta love the Aeros writers looking at the draft. You have to picture them sitting there, drooling over the infusion of talent. You know... like the rest of us.

First Round Bust: 2012 NHL Draft Lottery: Minnesota Picks At 7th - In case you had not heard.

Wild to select 7th in NHL Draft | - And, you know, just to be sure.

The Team of 18,001: Handing Out Hardware - Yep. Awards.

Tending the Fields

Larsson Earns Rookie Of The Year Honors | - Gotta love that.

Station Nation: Phillips Named CHL Player of the Week - Yep. Him, too.

First Round Bust: It's Award Season! Minnesota Prospects Johan Larsson, Zack Phillips Get Honored - Indeed. Awards all around.

Station Nation: RECAP: The Lights Dim. Dogs Win 5-2. - Yep. Must really suck to only score five goals.