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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Open Thread: Round One, Day One

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Tonight marks the opening of the marathon that is the Stanley Cup playoffs. The grueling, brutal war of attrition... Ah forget it. Cliches are only funny when making fun of people.

The playoffs really do start tonight. The Penguins and Flyers get things started off, followed up with good clean fun between the Predators and Red Wings, and finished up with Canucks and Kings. How did Wild fans get so lucky, to get to watch both the Nucks and the Wings in one night? Well, finishing as the seventh worst team in the legaue certainly helped the situation.

Pens_logo_medium Flyers_logo_medium

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins (51-25-6) vs #5 Philadelphia Flyers (47-26-9)
Series: 0-0

Consol Energy Center @ 6:30 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the Pittsburgh perspective, check out Pensburgh
For the Philadelphia prespective, check out Broad Street Hockey

Preds_logo_medium 300px-detroit_red_wings_logo

#4 Nashville Predators (48-26-8) vs #5 Detroit Red Wings (48-28-6)
Series: 0-0

Sommet Center @ 7:00 PM CDT
Television: CNBC

For the Nashville perspective, check out On the Forecheck
For the Detroit prespective, check out Winging It in Motown

Canucks_logo_medium Kings_logo_medium

#1 Vancouver Canucks (51-22-9) vs #8 Los Angeles Kings 40-27-15)

Series: 0-0

General Motors Place @ 9:30 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the Vancouver perspective, check out Nucks Misconduct
For the LA perspective, check out Battle of California & Jewels from the Crown

Clean up before you leave. Last person out, make sure you shut the lights off. Who you got, Wilderness?