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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Open Thread: Round One, Day Two

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Last night, you all made it clear that open playoff threads are something you might actually be interested in. So, we'll keep providing them as long as you keep using them. Heck, we'll even allow you to leave the place a mess. After all, JS is around, he'll clean up after you. That, or just leave it and we'll clean it up before next season.

Either way, please feel free to use the space in the best way you know how. Enjoy the games.

Rangers_logo_medium Ottawa_senators_medium

#1 New York Rangers(51-24-7) vs #8 Ottawa Senators (41-31-10)
Series: 0-0

Madison Square Garden @ 6:00 PM CDT
Television: NHL Network

For the New York perspective, check out Blue Shirt Banter
For the Ottawa prespective, check out Silver Seven

Bruins_logo_medium Caps_logo_medium

#2 Boston Bruins (49-29-4) vs #7 Washington Capitals (42-32-8)
Series: 0-0

TD Bank Garden @ 6:30 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the Boston Bruins perspective, check out Stanley Cup of Chowder
For the Washington prespective, check out Japers' Rink

Blues_logo_medium Sharks_logo_medium

#2 St. Louis Blues (49-22-11) vs #7 San Jose Sharks (43-29-10)
Series: 0-0

Scottrade Center @ 6:30 PM CDT
Television: CNBC

For the St. Louis perspective, check out St. Louis Game Time
For the San Jose prespective, check out Fear the Fin

Coyotes_logo_medium Blackhawks_logo_medium

#3 Phoenix Coyotes (42-27-13) vs #6 Chicago Blackhawks (45-26-11)
Series: 0-0 Arena @ 9:00 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the Phoenix perspective, check out Five for Howling
For the Chicago prespective, check out Second City Hockey