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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Jeff Taffe

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This is the only image we have of Taffe. Let's just roll with it.
This is the only image we have of Taffe. Let's just roll with it.

Jeff Taffe is the epitome of mucker and grinder. He has made a career bouncing around the NHL, all the while making a paycheck, and getting paid to play the game he loves. He was never the next big hope, but he was always the guy teams turned to when they needed "a guy."

A solid player, a solid teammate, Taffe isn't long term NHL answer material, but he certainly seems to be a servicable forward that can be inserted on any line. That is, so long as your expectations are in line.

Jeff Taffe

#23 / Left Wing / Minnesota Wild

6' 3"


Feb 19, 1981

Nathan- Yep. I"m late.

Jeff Taffe was signed to be an AHL guy who could provide depth when he needed to fill in on the NHL roster. He did that, but for some reason couldn't stick around, and I honestly don't know why. He provided a body who could fill in offensively and defensively. He seemed to play well when he got the call, and in my opinion it was a mistake that he didn't spend almost half the season on the roster.

Grade: B

Bryan- Not sure what anyone's expectations were for Taffe. A depth player, he provided... depth. He did well in his call ups, and provided a body when they needed a body. Will he be re-signed? All depends on what the brass think the kids are going to do. If they need a body, count on it. But Taffe has been around the block, so don't expect him to go unsigned.

Grade: C

Jesse- Taffe, to his credit, played the good solider. He had found success in his early callup, with 2 points in 3 games. Then he was sent back to Houston. He had another short callup where he still filled his role pretty well. It's highly unlikely that Taffe gets any regular minutes with the Wild. He's 31, so there's no upside left with the guy. Taffe will be an AHL player for the rest of his day, but he's still pulling 6-figures to play hockey. Not bad for the Hastings native.

Grade: B-

JS- I liked him. He was one of the best call-ups we've seen this season, but he did only play 5 games, so it's doubtful he would have continued at such a pace. Can't really say I've seen enough to give a grade.

Grade: Inconclusive