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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Cody Almond

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Well... there was this. Three seasons ago.
Well... there was this. Three seasons ago.

There isn't much left to say about Mr. Cody Almond. He's been around long enough that Wild fans know his name, and know that there just isn't much left there. The clock is no longer just ticking, but the alarm is ringing. The next wave of Wild draft picks are on their way, and Almond never broke the lineup. That's not a good sign.

Although. We'll always have this:

Cody Almond

#27 / Center / Minnesota Wild



July 24, 1989

Nathan- I think he has the talent to be an NHL player, but he has never ben able to show it. He gets opportunities and pisses down his leg. I don't know what to think about Almond, but for some reason he's the kind of guy who screams to me that the time has come to determine whether he'll be a career AHLer or someone who can make an impact on an NHL roster, and I don't think he'll make it.

Grade: D+

Bryan- Having spoken with Almond at several development camps, the kid certainly says all the right things. He works hard, he plays hard, but he just doesn't seem to have the goods. He will still be an RFA, which is amazing at this point, and, barring something odd, he will be back. He dropped some weight in the offseason, and it could have impacted his ability to stay healthy, and quite possibly his game. Who knows, but right now, he is wholly unimpressive.

Grade: D

Jesse- I never really had any type of expectations for Almond, but damn, the kid really hasn't done much to impress anyone. He takes penalty minutes and that's about it. He's not what I would call an enforcer. He's not all that great at filling an agitator role. He's definitely not Top-6 material. He's just a penalty machine. He doesn't even fill a major role with the Aeros. Honestly, if Houston cut him, would anyone really notice? Bagnall can still hold the fort as an ACTUAL enforcer, so why does Almond still have a job with the franchise? Thank you, HWSRN, for another draft pick that turned out to be little to nothing.

Grade - F

JS- Meh. I've never cared too much for him. I've never really seen him as a part of the future for the Wild either. He never really stands out when he gets called up. The Wild should move on.

Grade: D+