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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Open Thread: Round One, Day Six

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Anyone ready for some game threes? Is threes a word? Can you pluralize a plural word? So many questions, no answers here at Hockey Wilderness. If you want answers, go somewhere else. We don't have them. We do, however, have a place where Wilderness readers can gather and talk trash while watching hockey that means nothing to them.

It's just one more service we provide here at Hockey Wilderness. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh. The Aeros are in the AHL playoffs. We'll follow that closely. Enjoy the games tonight, all.

Bruins_logo_medium Caps_logo_medium

#2 Boston Bruins (49-29-4) vs #7 Washington Capitals (42-32-8)
Series: 1-1

Verizon Center @ 6:30 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the Boston Bruins perspective, check out Stanley Cup of Chowder
For the Washington prespective, check out Japers' Rink

Rangers_logo_medium Ottawa_senators_medium

#1 New York Rangers(51-24-7) vs #8 Ottawa Senators (41-31-10)
Series: 1-1

Madison Square Garden @ 6:30 PM CDT
Television: CNBC

Blues_logo_medium Sharks_logo_medium

#2 St. Louis Blues (49-22-11) vs #7 San Jose Sharks (43-29-10)
Series: 1-1

HP Pavilion @ 9:00 PM CDT
Television: NBCSN

For the St. Louis perspective, check out St. Louis Game Time
For the San Jose prespective, check out Fear the Fin