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Hockey Wilderness Declares April 16th No More Doug Day

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He just needs a lightning bolt on his head.
He just needs a lightning bolt on his head.

If you are not following Jen Conway on Twitter, you are missing out. Not only is she snarky like I know you all like, but she also happens to deliver some fin every weekday via tidbits of NHL & hockey history. You can learn things in the 20 minutes or so each day, that you would never ever find out in your life.

Or, you can be reminded of an event that made the sun shine brighter and the world a better place to live in.

From Jen today:

On this date in in 2009, #MNWild announced they won't renew GM [He Who Shall Remain Nameless]'s contract.

Rejoice, Wild fans. Three years ago, today, the Minnesota Wild made the decision to leave the dark cloud of poor drafting and unlimited ability to ruin the development of a young player, and go with a GM who understands how to build a team to win. While the results are not there yet, what we all can agree on is that No More Doug Day should forever be a holiday here at Hockey Wilderness.

By executive decree, I hereby declare today the first ever No More Doug Day, and command each of you to celebrate in some small way. Make it happen. Let's see some celebration. Ready? Go.