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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Jon DiSalvatore

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Someone forgot to tell him the Wild don't go near the net.
Someone forgot to tell him the Wild don't go near the net.

If this were the Houston Aeros 2012 Season Grades series, the grades and justifications below would likely be much, much different. However, this is about the Minnesota Wild, and Jon DiSalvatore was only around for one game. Still, his contributions to the organization cannot be ignored. He has long been the leader in Houston, helping to develop whatever talent the Wild may have provided the Aeros with.

Giving a guy a cup of coffee is the ultimate thank you from an NHL franchise, and, this year, the Wild gave that to DiSalvatore. He wasn't around long, but he was around. Today, he gets his grades.

Jon DiSalvatore

#29 / Right Wing / Minnesota Wild



March 30, 1981

Nathan- Hi, my name is Jon DiSalvatore and I am a terrible NHL player but am a god in the AHL. I'm like an older Patrick O'Sullivan, but without the potential upside. Yep, I'll live and die on the bus trips in the AHL, but I do it for the boys.

Grade: D

Bryan- DiSalvatore is everything you want in a leader. You know, in the AHL. The guy has been plying his trade forever and a day, and finally got his crack at the NHL. Lord knows, it was probably all just to throw the guy a bone after so many years of service, but still he got his coffee. For that, the guy deserves at least a grade.

Grade: B

Jesse- DiSalvatore, like Taffe, has played the good solider for the Wild organization. He's 31, so his chance to make it in the NHL is probably long gone, but Jon does an incredible job with the Aeros. DiSalvatore has had back-to-back 28 goal seasons with Houston, and he's done an admiral job of leading the youth, especially last year. DiSalvatore is a UFA, but I'm personally hoping that Fletcher does right by Jon and gives him a nice contract to help bring along the youth movement that is about to take place in Houston. In both the NHL and AHL, there needs to be a veteran voice in the locker room and on the ice to help lead the fresh meat through the trials of a professional season. DiSalvatore has proven he can be that guy.

Grade - B

JS- Jon DiSalvatore: He's the heart and soul of the Aeros, but he's nothing to the Wild yet. He only played one game, so I have nothing to say, really.

Grade: Inconclusive.