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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Warren Peters

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Le sigh.
Le sigh.

You thought we were kidding earlier, didn't you? You thought perhaps a superstar was going to pop out of the digital ink at you and give you a rush of excitement? Well, welcome to adulthood, it's ripe with disappointment.

Please welcome Warren Peters to the Minnesota Wild grading pages. Another guy playing above his station, and another guy we all really wish we didn't have to grade. Both because he doesn't deserve to be beaten over the head for being out of his element, and because if he wasn't here, it would have meant someone making millions a year would have been. You know, someone we wouldn't feel bad calling out.

Grades. After the jump.

Warren Peters

#43 / Center / Minnesota Wild



July 10, 1982

Nathan- Yawn. More AHLers. Difference with this guy is that he had two suspendable offenses. GTFO Warren.

Grade: F

Bryan- Please reference: Ortmeyer, Jed. Another guy who seems like a great guy, and I'm glad he got his moment in the sun, but it sure would be nice if he hadn't have had to be here. Why not just skip Peters? Because it would hurt a lot, Warren.

Grade: C

Jesse- I had to balance the fact that Peters was on a line that actually worked hard (Sorry Tom) with him being a moron. Having to skate down the ice and punch David Backes in the face in a game that had slipped away is textbook stupid. His questionable hit in Montreal should have earned him a suspension. Lucky for Peters both Montreal and Minnesota sucked enough to escape any Shanaban notice. The guy definitely has no finishing ability. I can recall way too many opportunities for Peters around the net where he pulled a Charlie Conway (D1) and totally whiffed on the puck. If he didn't work hard, he definitely fails. As it stands, like Ortmeyer, the Peters line was the only group to play in the offensive zone on a regular basis.

Grade: C-

JS- I really don't like Peters. At all. Sure, he was a body that didn't get injured, but I was not impressed by the downright dumb hits he threw and his forgettable play. He's the kind of player that makes me anxious for the rest of the depth to arrive. He also makes me wish the Wild were more durable. I sincerely don't care for Peters at all. Then again, it wouldn't be fair to fail him, since he did everything he was asked to do and gave a full effort, whatever that amounted to, every night. He was also money in the faceoff circle.

Grade: D