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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Kris Foucault

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Preseason hero. Bring it next year, sir.
Preseason hero. Bring it next year, sir.

Another youngster just getting his start in pro hockey, Kris Foucault is part of a tandem with Kris Fredheim known as "Every Kris begins with K." OK, maybe that's just around here, but still.

Foucault is another guy that came in, did a decent job, and then was sent back. Development in progress, no doubt. Another guy who is tough to grade, but that's what we are here to do, so we do it. Hopefully the kid can either be someone who pushes in camp, or at the very least, gets to be a depth call up when needed. The new kids are coming to town. TIme for guys like Foucault to find another gear to keep up.

Kris Foucault

#72 / Left Wing / Minnesota Wild



Dec 12, 1990

Nathan- Wow, Foucault is YOUNG. He didn't make much of an impact and dude still has a chance for a future here, but it certainly won't be easy. Time to kick up your game son. Jesus this was a shitty season. Fuck.

Grade: D-

Bryan- Was good to see him get a shot. Needs to bring it next season and make an impact or risk being left behind on the depth chart. Good luck, kid.

Grade: C

Jesse- Foucault is another mucker that had a one-game stint with the Wild. He's a good depth scoring option for Houston, so my grade is basically a reflection of his time with the Aeros. He put up some points with the farm club, but he's got a lot of developing to do if he wants to land a full-time gig in the NHL. He's only 21, so he's got some time to improve. He could end up as a decent injury fill-in or find a role as a 4th line guy.

Grade - C-

JS - Apparently, I can't get away with saying ''inconclusive'' all the time... but in this case, I did not see him play, so...

Grade: A+ (he was probably super-duper, right?)