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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Jarod Palmer

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First goal out of the way. Time for more.
First goal out of the way. Time for more.

Fridely native Jarod Palmer finishes out our crop today. Another good Minnesota boy, signed out of college, given a place in Houston, and called up for desperation help with the big squad. Only this time, he wasn't going to likely be sent back until he was concussed. Tough blow for a guy that was seeing some top six minutes.

Now, is he a long term answer? Who knows. Palmer is another guy that needs to find a whole new hunger to perform or risk being left behind. The top six is going to get crowded this coming season and beyond. If Palmer wants to avoid being a lifer in the AHL, or wants to be the top call up, he's going to need to play like he deserves it. He was looking capable fo doing that before getting hurt.

What's that do for grades?

Jarod Palmer

#79 / Center / Minnesota Wild



Feb 10, 1986

Nathan- Nothing this season pisses me off more than what happened to Jarod Palmer. Palmer comes up to fill a need and looks the part. He's playing well, providing a spark, having fun and creating chances then BOOM. He's fucked. If the NHLPA and NHL wants to not get sued like the NFLPA and the NFL they better fix the concussion issue really fucking quickly because the story of the season is the concussion.

Grade: C

Bryan- I have a different feeling about Palmer than most seem to. Kid seems like he might just have that X factor. He was playing well before getting concussed, and missing enough time to be sent back to Houston. On a roster that needed help, he seemed to be the guy to give it. He is also (last I checked) playing decent hockey in Houston. I have no issues as of yet with Palmer.

Grade: C+

Jesse- Stop me if you've heard this one...

A series of injuries forces the Wild to call up a grinder from Houston. Palmer didn't look totally out of place to his credit, but a scrambled brain shut him down for the majority of the year. He's in a dog fight to lock down a 4th line role. The former U.S. U-18 player will have to find a way to distinguish himself from a pack of similar players if he wants to get a starting job with the Wild.

Grade - C-

JS - Palmer was one of my favorite call-ups this year, but then he got concussed and that's why we can't have nice things. He didn't have the time to do much, but he clearly had a nose for the net and a nice set of wheels. That being said, I don't expect him to ever become more than a call-up.

Grade: C+