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Russo: Dan Terhaar Will not Return Next Season

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Hey Wilderness. News time.

The venerable Mike Russo is reporting that the Wild will not renew the contract of play by play man Dan Terharr. I have a pretty good feeling I know which way the Wilderness will slant on this, but please keep in mind that things can always get worse. The blog from Russo says Mike Greenlay and the radio team will return next season at least, and the team will begin a search for a new play by play broadcaster. Anthony LaPanta has those duties for the Golden Gophers, just an FYI.

(Russo also has a statement from the Wild, so make sure to read that.)

So, we ask Wilderness, how do you feel about this move, and who would you like to see replace him? We will accept both dream candidates and realistic expectations. It will be up to you to clarify which type of guess you are making.

Will the days of BIG DRIVE! return? Or will it be time to "knife it in?" Let's hear it, Wilderness.