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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Nate Prosser

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Always a good way to win over fans. Stand up for your goalie.
Always a good way to win over fans. Stand up for your goalie.

Nate Prosser, the Wild's film star look alike, was rewarded with a three year contract extension during the year. His season immediately hit the dirt. Still, he was an improvement over several of the defensemen in the organization that could have replaced him in the lineup. His defense is solid, his offense not always present, but those things will come with a bit of experience in the NHL.

Like it or not, he's part of the future at this point. Hopefully he can iron out the hills and valleys and find a high level of consistency. Shall we throw a few more cliches in here, or just move on to the grades?

Yeah. Thought so.

Nate Prosser

#39 / Defenseman / Minnesota Wild



May 07, 1986

2011 - Nate Prosser 51 1 11 12 -17 57 0 0 0 32

Nathan- Holy crap can this kid make some stupid, stupid decisions. If he wants to stick around, and I assume that he does, Prosser is going to have to get his shit together and stop reacting emotionally and figure out what is going to be "his game". Is his game being a physical presence and an agitator, or is it going to be the kind of guy who can lead a breakout and be rock solid at the point?

Right now, I can't tell, and neither can he.

Grade: C-

Bryan- You want to know a telling stat? You know, from the guy who doesn't so much care for stats? Prosser had a cap hit of $715K this season (not even lose to what he actually made), and Marek Zidlicky had a cap hit of $4 million. The roughly $3.3 million difference was worth and extra two points. Two. That's $1.65 million for each extra assist. That's some money well spent right there.

But hey. Prosser is here for the next three years, and Zidlicky gets one more season in New Jersey before he heads to the KHL.

Grade: C-

Jesse- Like Scandella, Prosser had a good start during his initial call-up. He impressed the brass enough to reward him with a two-year extension on a one-way deal. Maybe the deal messed with his head, or maybe the Wild sucked. It could be a combination of both. Regardless, Prosser's season started to nosedive pretty badly after the extension. Prosser has had flashes. He was offensively talented in college, so he knows how to pass decently. He's shown a lot of grit and the ability to chirp at opponents and ruffle some feathers. The consistency is the issue. Prosser is still young, but with the defensive core getting younger, Brodin in sights, and a 2012 Draft Pick that could be another defensman, Nate has to work fast to secure a starting spot in Minnesota.

Grade - D