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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Chay Genoway

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Yeah... not so much the way to make it, kid.
Yeah... not so much the way to make it, kid.

It's never good to be the second one to come along with a particular skill set. Unless, of course, that skill set is scoring goals in bunches. Chay Genoway is a small d-man who plays sound positional hockey and makes the bigger guys around him look silly. Sound like anyone else you know?

Genoway has the Sioux fan base behind him, and they are vocal even when they are wrong. Geonway got his shot because the Wild were desperate, and the season was lost anyway. If this had been a playoff race, with win or lose being a playoff life or death situation... you think Genoway's phone rings? I really doubt that.

Was his debut and point enough to leave an impression? Let's find out.

Chay Genoway

#47 / Defense / Minnesota Wild



Dec 20, 1986

Nathan- A cup of coffee this year, maybe more next year. Talking with Brent Flahr in Traverse City last fall he said the same thing about Genoway that I saw in development camp, prospect camp, training camp and with the Wild. Raw, talented, needs to learn to play within the system or he'll never succeed.

Grade: C-

Bryan- Reports from Houston say he is a solid d-man, and he didn't do horrendously in his one game cup of coffee. The hype machine was in full swing, and Genoway finally got his shot. Hope you all loved it, because unless things go south again, it may be the last time you see him. With Jared Spurgeon in the ranks, it is unlikely the Wild are going to go long stretches with two small d-men. But then again... who knows.

Grade: D

Jesse- Genoway found out early from the Wild brass that the wide open college game doesn't translate in professional hockey. He took notice, refined his game (slightly), and worked his way up the depth chart. His reward was a one-game audition with the big club. He learned pretty quickly in that game that stretch passes up the middle don't work too well against well-positioned teams. There's still a learning curve here, but Genoway isn't a bad player by any stretch. I don't think he gets an opportunity to have a full-time gig with Minnesota because of how much his game would have to change, but Genoway isn't a bad injury fill-in or depth trade piece.

Grade: C-

JS- Didn't see him play. Nice that he got a point in his debut, but I can't comment.

Grade: N/A