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Minnesota Wild 2012 Season Grades: Kris Fredheim

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That's him. Good thing there were cameras.
That's him. Good thing there were cameras.

Kris Fredheim is the second half of the "every Kris begins with K" tandem, and was yet another pronunciation fit for game callers.

If you had Fredheim as a call up this season, you need to be playing every lottery you can get your hands on. Fredheim was signed to an AHL contract, outperformed his station in life, and when the Wild needed a d-man, called Fredheim's name and gave him his NHL. The organization passed on several other guys who should have been ahead of Fredheim on the depth chart. It was, to say the least, a surprise.

He was unspectacular in his three games of duty, but certainly better than most thought he could be. If nothing else, he showed he can be a two way contract type player. Maybe that's enough to keep his career alive.

Kris Fredheim

#59 / Defense / Minnesota Wild



Feb 23, 1987

Nathan- Young, raw, potential talent? Honestly, even when he was here I didn't notice enough to grade him much. In Traverse City the kid held his own against other kids, but he didn't show enough to me during his cups of coffee to even allow me to grade him.

Grade: Incomplete

Bryan- Meh. Good story, but not so much enough to write about. He was invisible in his games. Which, I guess, is a good thing. Tough to dock the kid much, but I'm not about to give any extra credit, either.

Grade: C-

Jesse- Well, what is there to say about Fredheim? Seriously, what is there to say? Fredheim got a short stint early in the season due to injuries. He wasn't bad, but nothing special. He had a pretty decent season for Houston. He's not going to be a top-pair guy in the NHL. In fact, Fredheim may never be a regular with the big boys. Like so many other Wild players, Fredheim is probably an injury call-up guy who will see regular minutes in the AHL.

Grade - C-

JS- I liked what I saw from the surprise call-up, but I really didn't see enough to give a fair grade.

Grade: N/A