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Wilderness Walk for 4/3/12: Game Day Edition

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Wow, that is some yellow.  (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Wow, that is some yellow. (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As a result of unforeseen circumstances I have resumed control over the Walk for the next few days. Bryan will be back later this week.

Anyway, nice discussions yesterday around tanking, Erik Christensen's value and Jared Spurgeon's place in the pantheon of Wild defensemen.

Tonight the Wild face the Predators. If they win, the #diveforfive is over. If they lose, there's still a chance. Either way, let's all have fun tonight. We like the Preds and would like to see them make a long run. Get to know the Predators tonight and support our adopted squad (minus Jordin Tootoo. Fuck that guy).

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Game Preview

Wild News

  • Time for Wild to tank? No thanks, Yeo says | - Leave it to the Wild to suddenly learn how to win when all playoff hope is gone -- and the extra victories hamper the team's draft position. Watching the Wild win now has been, for some, as frustrating as the three months of agony inflicted when an extraordinary amount of losses mounted.

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