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Wilderness Walk: 4/4/2012

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No, please, no more. Stop hitting me. I won't do it ever again. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
No, please, no more. Stop hitting me. I won't do it ever again. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
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Yesterday I mentioned that Bryan was going to be absent due to unforeseen circumstances, here's the story

I hate to violate our own rules on the site, but I am going to ask for some help. Yesterday, my niece’s 3 month old daughter passed away unexpectedly. Our family does not have the ability to pay for the cost of the funeral / burial / other costs. I come here on bended knee, asking for your help, or the help or your networks.

If you can help, please do so. If not, I understand completely. Thanks for reading the site and for reading this post.

If you want to check things out, or make a donation, here is the site we are using:

Obviously we do not want to place pressure on anyone, or anything, but this isn't a blog or a news outlet. We're a community and as such thought we'd share the news with the community and ask for the community's help if able.

Thank you.

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Draft Position

The Wild find themselves in 7th position (79 points/80 games played) just ahead of Carolina (80/80) but still within striking distance of 5th (Anaheim and Toronto are tied with 78/80). Anaheim finishes with Edmonton and Calgary, two incredibly winnable games. The Maple Leafs finish with Tampa Bay and Montreal, two winnable games. The Wild are within striking distance of the fourth position, two points ahead of the Islanders (77/80) who finish with the Jets and Blue Jackets.

It's not over folks!

Game Recap

Wild News

Tending the Fields

  • Rand: Tanking at season's end has a cost | - The notion of a team tanking -- intentionally playing badly, or at least purposely fielding a team that is below its capability -- to potentially improve draft position and theoretically create a better team in the future pits two very different and opposing notions against each other.