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Minnesota Wild vs. Chicago Blackhawks: Game Recap

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"So that's where our pride was hiding..."
"So that's where our pride was hiding..."

Minnesota Wild 2 - 1 (Shootout) Chicago Blackhawks

For the Blackhawk politicaly correct American Indian perspective, ride the wind to Second City Hockey.

Apologies in advance, as I didn't stick around to watch the middle frame. There was Minnesota hockey that had some real meaning going on at the same time that may have drawn my attention. But enough of my excuses...

The Wild have seemed to partially thrive as a spoiler. I guess when a season spirals down the drain, the only consolation is taking someone down with you. I mean, it was fun to ruin the season for Dallas last year, right? Anyways, the last time these two squads locked horns, there was some gritty play from the get-go. While this game started with a few less fighting minors, there was still some visible animosity between the two clubs. Chicago took the early lead when a Frolik pass seemed to bounce perfectly off Mayers and in behind Harding. The only noteworthy event for the Wild in the 1st was when Nate Prosser channeled his best Zinedine Zidane and threw a dirty headbutt into the face of Mayers. Definitely one of the top bonehead plays for the Wild this year, right up there with the Peters Punch.

Apparently the Wild decided to actually play the 2nd period. That's all I've got. I could give up a recap of the NCAA 2nd period, but it's probably best that I limit the depressing talk.

Anyone else remember that brilliant resiliency the Wild had at the beginning of the season? Well, they've been finding it again lately, and this game was no exception. The 3rd was really all Minnesota. They may have waited until very late in the game, but the succubus came through (if you want to call it that) and tied the game at 1 apiece. The late surge meant, for better or worse, the Wild faithful were going to get some form of extra hockey.

The Wild may have spent themselves in the 3rd, because the Hawks had a lot of the early jump in the OT, but no winner was found. I wish the NHL would consider adding 5 more minutes to the OT, but I'm not in charge of such things. Such is life.

Shootout time, where the Wild have been pretty good as of late. EC caught a bad break (literally) when his stick broke during his shot attempt. Kane was denied on his stupid slooooooooooooowwwwwwwww move. Crawford actually anticipated the Koviu backhand and made a nice pokecheck. Sharp never got his shot off. Setoguchi rifled his attempt right past Crawford, putting the pressure on Stalberg, who went and missed the net.

It is what it is, Wilderness. The Wild are diving out of the Top 5, but winning is still fun.

The Bennett's Chop & Railhouse Stars of the Game:

  1. Marco Scandella (1A, 35:32 TOI)
  2. Josh Harding (22 saves, perfect in the shootout)
  3. Devin Setoguchi (GW-shootout goal, 5 shots on net)

Five Questions:

  1. Four straight games in which the Wild have earned points. Does it end tonight? Nope. Another win, another 2 points. When it rains, it pours.
  2. How does Tyler Cuma look? Pretty decent actually. He didn't get the bulk of the minutes when Prosser went out, but he didn't make the big, glaring mistakes that are typical of a rookie defensman.
  3. Josh Harding in net tonight. Been a while. Will he be rusty? Not a chance. Can't be rusty when you're auditioning.
  4. Can Dany Heatley continue his hot streak? Got the secondary helper on the PP goal, so he's still on the scoresheet.
  5. Duncan Keith back in the lineup tonight. Will he make an impact? 0 points and no headshots, so no impact either way.