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Wilderness Walk for 4-9-2012

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Guessing dropping Dany Heatley in the waning seconds of the season will be forgotten next year, right? Right.
Guessing dropping Dany Heatley in the waning seconds of the season will be forgotten next year, right? Right.

We've entered the post-season, Wild fans. The playoffs don't start until Wednesday, leaving us to our own devices for the next couple days. This can only end well, I'm sure.

Today is a good day to ask a couple of questions, and see where the Wilderness is at. First on the list - who are each of you pulling for in the playoffs? Anyone but the Canucks? Picking an underdog? Looking for a repeat from the reigning champs?

The 3rd Annual Bracket Challenge will come your way later today, so start prepping your brain for that.

Next question is... What would you like to see this summer here at HW? We will have some season recap stuff, draft goodness, free agency, development camp, and training camp, of course. Is there something you would like explored over the loooooong summer ahead of us? Drop us a note via email, or leave your desire in the comments. We'll see what we can do to work it out for you.

Welcome to the second ring of hell, folks.

Wild News

Pressure's on for Wild GM | - Great read from Russo. Always like the season wraps. Too bad they always come so soon.

Chart: Wild GM Fletcher's boldest moves | - Bold is a good word.

First Round Bust: Flushing The Goldfish: Eulogizing the 2011-12 Minnesota Wild - Anyone else reminded of the air band episode of Scrubs? When Turk says they should name the band "Mercy Flush?" Just me? OK, then.

Latest on the Maple Leafs, Jets and Wild – April 9, 2012. | Spectors Hockey - Good read about three teams. The insight in the Wild is nice.

Tending the Fields

Four Reassigned To Houston | - That should help, if only a bit. Not quite sure why the Wild didn't put some of the other guys down on clear day. Ortmeyer, Peters, etc. Interesting.

The Third Intermission: Aeros Lose 2-1 (SO) to Milwaukee - Aeros make the playoffs. We'll be keeping an eye on this.

Off the Trail

2012 FHS Playoff Pool - Fantasy Hockey Scouts - Make sure you check this out. Free entry, cash prizes. Good stuff if you're jonzing for the fantasy game to continue.

Stanley Cup playoff first-round matchups and schedule | - Here is how the first round shakes out. Enjoy.