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Swedish Jesus?

Pictured here: Mikael Granlund of Team Sweden chases down some guy in a blue jersey.
Pictured here: Mikael Granlund of Team Sweden chases down some guy in a blue jersey.

If you ask a Minnesota Wild fan what hope there is for the team... well, any Wild fan that doesn't have the ability to insert their head in their colon... the first words you are likely to hear are "Mikael Granlund." While the World Championships still stand between the Wild and their prize young prospect being in the fold, and the fact this gives fans fits of panic at regular intervals, he is expected to be here next season.

The Church of Yeo shall have a new apostle.

Of course, the nicknames have already started to accumulate. Finnish Jesus. The Finnish Savior. The Great Finnish Messiah. Notice any similarities in those nicknames?

Well, apparently, The Hockey News doesn't know as much as they might like about the number two prospect in their Future Watch edition. Now, we don't always expect THN to get every detail correct, and mistakes do happen, but this? This could be grounds for invasion.

Behold, the spectacular changing of nationality of the Wild's top prospect:


Super skilled... Swede? It has certainly been a long two year wait, but I did not think it had been so long that Granlund had turned in his heritage for that of his nation's biggest rival. Yikes. Maybe all that time in the Army with Mikko Koivu, that fans thought was good news for his chances of signing with the Wild, really scared Granlund into turning in his Finnish passport. Sweden has to be ecstatic on the new kid coming to the World Championships for them in a couple days.

Good thing Jonas Brodin is in the system to give Granlund a reason to stick around anyway.