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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Open Thread: Round Two, Day Five

Just one game tonight. This one has implaications for the Wild, since if the Devils can find a way past the Flyers, the Wild pick up that extra third round pick. Of course, that would (in part) require Marke Zidlicky to very quickly learn how to play hockey.I'm not holding my breath.

As you saw from the posts today, the draft coverage will begin tomorrow. The World Championships start Friday. Answer us a couple questions, if you would. What would you like to see for the World Championships? We can add them into the playoff threads, add separate threads, whatever you would like. Anything else you want to see?

Oh. And, of course, who do you got tonight?

Flyers_logo_medium Devils_logo_medium

#5 Philadelphia Flyers vs #6 New Jersey Devils

Series 1-0

Well Fargo Center @ 6:30PM CDT
Television: NBCSN
For Philadelphia perspective, Please visit Broad Street Hockey
For New Jersey perspective, please visit In Lou We Trust