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Community NHL Mock Draft 2012: Edmonton Oilers


For the third straight year, the Edmonton Oilers will have the first overall selection. This year, they didn't even earn the right to do so, but won the draft lottery and with it the pick. How miserable the Blue Jackets must be to have put up with the season they had, and not even get the benefit of the first overall pick.

Of course, the Oilers are stock piling first overall picks, thinking this is a game of Connect Four, and not NHL hockey. The question of who the Oilers will pick likely comes down to if they are smart enough to realize that yet another forward is not what this team needs, and if they have the smarts to trade down, add some picks and draft the defenseman they actually need in their system.

Somehow, you just have to feel like the Oilers will take a forward, throw him into the NHL and pray that he doesn't collapse like an Alexadre Daigle and Benoit Pouliot cheerleader pyramid.

This is our first pick of the draft, so make the jump and make your pick for the Oilers.


The process here is simple. Pick one of the players listed in the poll, or add a name by putting it in the comment section. While you are at it, explain why you made the pick you did. Ready? Let's do it.