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Community NHL Mock Draft 2012: Columbus Blue Jackets


Yesterday, we kicked off our now annual community mock draft with the Edmonton Oilers. The consensus seems to be that the Oilers need to trade down and draft some defense, but for now, they maintain the first pick, and thus we work within those bounds.

The first overall pick always seems to be the easiest, right? We haven't had a first overall go completely bust in a few years, unless of course you count Taylor Hall, and I still have this gut feeling that Yakupov may be the one who does. I have no basis for it, and I am likely wrong, but it is just a feeling.

Regardless, we move on.

Next up is your should-have-had-the-first-overall-pick Columbus Blue Jackets. What do they need? In a word, everything. A goalie, defense, forwards, centers, checkers, a coach... oh wait. This is an interesting position for them to be in, since they have so much need and are drafting so high.

Do they take Alex Galchenyuk and hope he gels with Rick Nash? Do they skip the big center and go for the near sure bet on the blueline with Ryan Murray? Make the jump and cast your vote.


Our draft thus far:

1. Edmonton Oilers - Nail Yakupov

Remember, if the player you think the Jackets should take is not listed, add his name in the comments.