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Finland Done at Worlds; Clock Ticking on Mikael Granlund

Time to sign the deal, kid.
Time to sign the deal, kid.

For those out there who seem to think the Wild have a prospect that could potentially save to world (Read: all of you), the news of the day is that Finland is officially out of the World Championships, losing to the Czechs. According to Chris Johnston on Twitter, this is the first time in 12 tournaments that Mikko Koivu has failed to medal. That should make him happy.

Of course, the real news is that, with Finland done, the Wild can sign Mikael Granlund whenever they get a deal done. Of course, he has to be signed by 11:59 PM eastern time on May 31st or he reenters the draft. There are no more barriers. Army service, school, tournaments... they all fall to the wayside, and leave just one excuse: not being able to get it done.

Everything we read says it is a mere formality, so hopefully this doesn't drag on for days, raising the blood pressure of a legion of fans for the next 11 days. Before the Worlds, it sounded like it was dotting the i's and crossing the t's, so let's hope that's all it is and there is a press release in the next couple days.

It really does not serve either side well for this to not get done. Give the kid the max entry level deal, laden with bonuses, and just get it done. You have to doubt he wants to play in Edmonton, right?