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2012 NHL Mock Draft Fan Post Contest

Chuck Fletcher will be watching. Don't fail him.
Chuck Fletcher will be watching. Don't fail him.

UPDATE: Prize has been modified - Winner will choose from a $25 gift card to the Hockey Lodge or a $25 gift card to You get only one of the two. Now... get to it.

We do a few different contests a year here at Hockey Wilderness. We have the bracket challenge, the Yelnats Cup bracket challenge, and something here or there to keep people interested. Today, that all changes. Today, we offer up a contest with... wait for it... an actual prize.

You see, we want to see which of you out in the Wilderness has the ability to predict the first round of the draft. What better way to do that than to offer up a prize and ask each of you for your mock drafts? We couldn't think of a better way, other than maybe getting you all drunk and using having you try to mumble through Alex Galchenyuk without losing it on us.

Instead, we're going to run a contest, offer up our space to you, and hopefully be able to crown someone the winner of the first ever Hockey Wilderness Mock Draft Fan Post Contest. Make the jump for what we want, and the rules.

What You Need to Do

If you would like to enter the contest, it is really simple. Go to the Fan Post section here at Hockey Wilderness and create your very own post. That post must contain the following:

  • Your first round mock draft. Please include a numbered list of picks, and the team selecting that player.
  • A title, in the format: 2012 NHL Mock Draft Fan Contest: [INSERT USERNAME HERE]
  • Some reasoning for why you picked what you picked. This isn't technically required to enter, but who the heck wants to read a mock draft with absolutely no reasoning to it? You don't have to break down every pick, but give us some insight into how you made your picks.

Simple, right? Right. We're not asking for you to perform rocket surgery or anything.

The Prize

Winner will receive a $25.00 (US) gift card to The Hockey Lodge OR a $25.00 (US) gift card to Should you live outside Minnesota, or in out state Minnesota, that's really disappointing. You'll just have to come visit.


The rules are almost as simple as the contest. First off, everyone entering the contest is subject to the Official Rules, which can be found here: 2012 NHL Mock Draft Fan Contest Official Rules.

  • Your entries can be made starting today and going through 1:00 EST on June 19th (midnight local time).
  • For the purposes of the contest, the team selecting the player will not matter, so trades up or down will not make your picks incorrect. In other words, the players have to picked in the order you list them, regardless of which team picks them.
  • There is a limit of one entry per person or email address. If you wish to post multiple mock drafts, feel free. We would love to see what your thoughts are. However, once you submit one with the title format found above, that will be your entry.
  • The contest is open only to those members of the Wilderness living in the US and Canada. Apologies to those outside our two fine nations, but them's the breaks when it comes to contests. Laws are laws, and we have to follow them.
  • The final rule is that no one from the Hockey Wilderness staff is eligible to win. Feel free to enter, but you don't get the prize.
OK, Wilderness, get on it. Let's see how good you think you are at playing 30 different GMs at the same time. If you need help figuring out how to post a Fan Post, ask away, or visit our page explaining the basics. Good luck, all!