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NHL Awards 2012: Selecting the Vezina Trophy Winner

There looks to be a bunch of open space to be had here. Not so much.
There looks to be a bunch of open space to be had here. Not so much.

Yesterday, the folks over at the SBNation NHL hub selected their winner for the Vezina Trophy, awarded to best goaltender in the NHL. The winner at the hub was Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings, a guy who took the 29th rated offense to the playoffs. Impressive feat, well qualified, and with great numbers.

Today, we look at how the Hockey Wilderness staff voted. A couple of us even give you the reasons behind our votes, something that would be nice to have when the awards are done in Vegas. Imagine a hockey writer, broadcaster or GM being required to justify why they chose who they did?

Who wouldn't want the head of the Pittsburgh PHWA to explain their selection of Matt Cooke for Masterton?

Cast your vote for you pick for Vezina, then check out how we voted.


Winner: Quick

Nominees: Henrik Lundqvist & Pekka Rinne


Winner: Quick

Nominees: Lundqvist & Mike Smith


Winner: Pekka Rinne

Nominees: Smith & Lundqvist

Rationale: While Quick is a fantastic goalie, he also did poorly against the high powered Wild offense. Tough to vote for that. In other words, Quick was good, but not always good enough during the season. Rinne had his team performing at an elite level. All this despite playing behind a team more anonymous than the CIA contingent in Afghanistan.


Winner: Quick

Nominees: Lundqvist & Renne

Rationale: Again, amazing season from Quick. 10 shutouts. Yum.

NHL Finalists: Quick, Lundvist, & Renne