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Minnesota Wild Sign Mikael Granlund

Ladies and gentlemen... we got him.


Via Russo on Twitter:

With potential performance bonuses, Mikael Granlund's annual cap hit is $2.1 million -- per sources .... #mnwild

The Wild have finally inked top prospect Mikael Granlund, bringing to an end a two year wait that has had Wild fans freaking out and asking when he will sign so often even his mom wanted to yell at people. OK, not really, but it was pretty annoying. Today, all of that ends, and the Granlund era in Wild history begins. The Finnish Jesus is born to you, this day.

Other hyperbolic statements here!

The Wild, of course, avoid losing their top prospect back into the draft, or being forced to trade his rights for far less than market value. On the flip side, the hype machine has built the kid up so high that any small stumble is going to have fans in meltdown mode.

For now, he's in the fold. Now comes that little word that HWSRN was afraid to accept. Development.

Party on, Wild fans. They got him.

UPDATE 1:28 PM: Granlund's agent, Todd Diamond, said "Coming over may be a relief for him [Granlund]. He can be like Lennon or McCartney over there. He was the most Googled athlete in Finland the last two years."

Also, Granlund will, indeed, wear #64. The Wild's Twitter account says Granlund sweaters will be available Friday at all three Hockey Lodge locations. Post your pictures when you get yours.

UDPATE 2:56 PM: Missed this in the original press release, but the first 64 fans to purchase new Wild season tickets will get a signed #64 sweater.