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Community NHL Mock Draft 2012: Carolina Hurricanes


Whew. Yesterday sure was fun, wasn't it? We had Mikael Granlund sign for three years, we had voting on the Wild's pick, and we had Cal Clutterbuck stepping up for what's good and just in the world. If your head isn't spinning just a bit, you probably aren't paying close enough attention.

By the way, you all selected defenseman Jacob Trouba for the Wild. So, there's that.

Next up are the Carolina Hurricanes. What do the Canes need? Like most teams drafting at this point in the draft, they pretty much need everything. They have Cam Ward, so maybe they don't need a goalie. They have Jeff Skinner, so they have a goal scorer, but they could always use another. How about the blue line? Everyone needs help on the blue line.


So, who will the Canes choose at eighth overall? That is up to you. Get on it.

A note on Trouba - despite what nearly every website you will visit says, Trouba is NOT from Minnesota. He is from Rochester, Michigan. This, per someone I have to assume is family and confirmed by multiple sources.

Our draft thus far:

  1. Edmonton Oilers: Nail Yakupov
  2. Columbus Blue Jackets: Ryan Murray
  3. Montreal Canadiens: Alex Galchenyuk
  4. New York Islanders: Filip Forsberg
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs: Mikhail Grigorenko
  6. Anaheim Ducks: Matthew Dumba
  7. Minnesota Wild: Jacob Trouba