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Hockey Wilderness Playoff Open Thread: Round Two, Day Something or Other

We've lost track. Somewhere, hockey is being played, the Wild aren't in it, and no one seems to care. Yet, here we are, talking the draft and providing your web based sports bar. Good thing we didn't hire any bartenders for this.

Two games tonight. Flyers / Devils and Kings / Blues. Neither musters up much of anything for most people around here, so... enjoy the game. Someone left the kitchen light on last night. Don't let it happen again.

Flyers_logo_medium Devils_logo_medium

#5 Philadelphia Flyers vs #6 New Jersey Devils

Series 1-1

Prudential Center @ 6:30PM CDT
Television: NBCSN
For Philadelphia perspective, Please visit Broad Street Hockey
For New Jersey perspective, please visit In Lou We Trust

Blues_logo_medium Kings_logo_medium

#2 St. Louis Blues (49-22-11) vs #8 Los Angeles Kings (40-27-25)
Series: 0-2

Staples Center @ 9:00PM CDT

For St. Louis perspective, please visit St. Louis Game Time
For Los Angeles perspective, please visit Battle of California or Jewels from the Crown